pqbd Wrap Bracelet


The 1" pqbd (about the size of a quarter) is woven with a soft, black deer skin lace. Also availble in 14k over sterling with cream toned deer skin lace. Appropriate for men or women, a simple hook and eye clasp makes this an easy piece to wear. Bracelet is adjustable by adding small knots by the clasps to shorten the length to a custom fit.

  • Raising Awareness and Funding

    Designed to serve as a talisman and a conversation starter, the pqbd symbolizes dyslexia and aims to support the many organizations and educators that promote dyslexia resources and awareness.  Wearing a piece from the jewelry collection means wearing a bigger story that needs to be told again and again. 

  • Behind the "pqbd" Design

    Inspired by the letters p q b d, this jewelry line is symbolic of dyslexia.  

    It is a myth that dyslexics read backwards. Rather than a visual problem, their tendency to reverse certain words and letters is actually a processing issue.  Handmade in Virginia by Maureen and Rebecca Worth, these pieces are a great conversation starter and raise awareness about dyslexia. 


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