pqbd Pendant

Inspired by the tendency of dyslexics to reverse the letters "p q b d", this design represents dyslexia. Available in either sterling silver or a heavy plate of 14k gold over sterling, these pendants can be strung onto your own chain or cord.  Choose between a larger 1" (about the size of a quarter) or the smaller 3/4" (about the size of a dime).
  • Behind the "pqbd" Design

    Inspired by the letters p q b d, this jewelry line is symbolic of dyslexia.  

    It is a myth that dyslexics read backwards. Rather than a visual problem, their tendency to reverse certain words and letters is actually a processing issue.  Handmade in Virginia by Maureen and Rebecca Worth, these conversation starters raise awareness about dyslexia and financial support dyslexia oraganizations.  Each piece comes in an organza gift bag with an information card about the dyslexia symbol.  

  • Raising Awareness and Funding

    Designed to serve as a talisman and a conversation starter, the pqbd symbolizes dyslexia and aims to support the many organizations and educators that promote dyslexia resources and awareness.  Wearing a piece from the jewelry collection means wearing a bigger story that needs to be told again and again.  


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