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Island Pendant

Island Pendant


Featuring an outline of Ocracoke Island, the edges of this solid sterling silver piece look like waves on a sandy beach.  Measuring 1 1/2" long, the piece is signed by the artists along with the words "Ocracoke Island, NC".  Available in 16" and 18". Proceeds go directly to disaster relief efforts on the island. 

  • Your Donation Makes a Difference

    When Maureen evacuated Ocracoke island just a few days ahead of Hurricane Dorian, she never dreamed the damage would be such an epic event.  Hoping to return the following week, it quickly became evident that the effect of Dorian would be years of restoration.  Advice from friends on the island is to send donations to Ocracoke Alive.  This collection of jewelry  raises funds for disaster relief as well as hope for islanders who lost so much.  Want to give more?  Please visit the above link for donation info!

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