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Dyslexia Ribbon Pin

Dyslexia Ribbon Pin


The Dyslexia awareness ribbon stands out because of the knotted center.  The knot represents the need for awareness tied together with the great strength of the dyslexic community.   Measuring 1" in length, show your advocacy when worn on a hat, lapel, or tie. 

  • The Knotted Dyslexia Silver Ribbon

    Awareness ribbons have been used for decades as symbols to educate, advocate, and show support.  Silver ribbons represent children with disabilites, but this knotted ribbon is specifically intended for dyslexia.  Often referred to as a hidden disability, many people remain confused about what it really means to be dyslexic.  By educating the public about dyslexia, we can better address our educational approach as well as find compassion for those with this learning difference.  The knotted center of this ribbon shows the strength of the dyslexic community - tied tightly together and connected - as they work to unravel the confusion around dyslexia.  

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